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Solo Works

Recordings & Program Notes

Free Ride for Solo Horn (2017)

Fantasy Sonata for Solo Violin (2018)

Dreamy Reflections for Solo Flute (2020)

Grim's Theme for Solo Piano (2020) 

Creations for Solo English Horn (2021)

Creations for Solo Alto Saxophone (2021)

Chamber Music

Samantha for Oboe and Piano (2019)

as the flowers bloom for woodwind trio (2019)

Electronic Frenzy for Alto Saxophone and Electronics (2019)

In the Colorful Rain for Oboe and Electronics (2019)

Vibrations Heard Afar for Percussion Trio (2019)

A Shadow's Desire for 4 Oboes and English Horn (2018)

Shapes of Tides and Raindrops for Wind Quintet (2018)

New oboe and electronics piece coming soon!

Large Ensembles

Tragedy of a Scorched Rose for Wind Ensemble (2019)


Pirates of the Caribbean Main Theme for oboe and english horn (2021)

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